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Lots of companies are working on VR, and we're led to believe that this is the defining technology of the near future. I'm an optimist when it comes to new technologies, so I wanted to try it out to get a status of where we are today.

My background in VR is not great - I tried a giant helmet once in the 90s at a technology fare. It was a very ...

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I'm an iOS developer at Snapsale, and I spend some time on the road, either travelling to our main office in Oslo, or to conferences. For my out-of-office work, I chose the entry-level Macbook.

The specs were not very powerful: a 1,1Ghz dual-core Broadwell Core-M with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. But then again my expectation was mainly to do ...

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Welcome to my website. The reason I have a website is that I like to maintain a space where you can find my content. But the way I use the internet, which is not so different from so many others, I leave much of my original content in places like Facebook and Twitter. I don't mind sharing, if I did I'm sure this content would have been behind a paywall ...

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I started using a treadmill under my desk August 21st 2015. Today, January 6th 2016, I did my 1.000.000th step at the end of my working day. (or 425 kilometers in 45 days - yes I have been travelling much)

I wrote about my first impressions of using the treadmill, ...

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November 2nd I started working at Snapsale as the head of iOS development. At the moment that means the head of me, so I get to do all the fun stuff myself. :-)

In that context I'm setting up an iOS test lab, that I've called "Snapsale iOS Lab" (yes, I'm that original in my naming). For my own sake, to remember with future devices, ...

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