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I'm leaving Trifork to start working on Snapsale at Skylib. I will be taking over their iOS code base. I've taken over maintenance of many codebases before, and I thought it was time to describe my process.

I have two goals for this process:

  • learn ...
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I'm setting up my travel computer for work, the retina Macbook, spring 2015 base model. It'll be my travel Xcode companion. It's the first 12" laptop I use since the one I Fujitsu-Siemens I bought in 2000 before travelling to Australia. The Fujitsu-Siemens was an ultra-portable Lifebook S-4510, by far slimmer than the average laptop of its time ...

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Live Photos is one of the most interesting new features of the iPhone. The iPhone is the most used camera I have, because it is always with me. And until now I have been quite all right at taking the photos I want. Live photos adds a time dimension to my photos, and this means I have to re-learn what it is to compose a photo, what it is to frame ...

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Today my new iPhone arrived. Upgrade time!

First failure - don't back up to iCloud, it'll take forever. Back up to your Mac. Remember what Mac it is you back up to. And enable backup encryption. Because if you don't, it'll forget all your health data and all your passwords, and apparently also apps that require encryption. News to me.

Before ...

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It's now been four working days since the treadmill arrived, and it's time to go through my first impressions.

This treadmill is heavy! Delivery didn't go as smooth as I had expected, the delivery guy placed it in front of the wrong side of the building and never called me to ask where to deliver it, so I had to carry it through the building ...

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