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I'm a developer. I write software all day, except for when I do my role as scrum master. Then I talk on Skype or write text documents and emails. But most of the time I read and write code. In front of a computer. That is on a desk. In an office. Almost every working day. All day. And I'm actually very happy about it.

However, this is not great for my health. Sitting all day in front of a desk. So I gave up sitting nine months ago and have been standing at my desk since then. However, standing all that time isn't great either. It's better, but not great. So I was ready to take the next step: to walk in front of my desk.

Yes, walk. I had heard a lot about this at conferences and read blog posts about it. Yes, I realize replacing one monotonous posture with another isn't solving everything, but it's a step, right? ...

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This is the sixth and final installment of the behind-the-app series, showing the making of Well Tempered version 2.0.

Marketing and launch

When Well Tempered was first launched back in early 2009, the way I had understood the app store proposal was this: Apple would host and market my app, and take 30% of the sales. Boy was I wrong. The app store was never a marketing tool, and very few apps are promoted by Apple at all.

With version 2.0 coming up, I knew I could not expect Apple to do my marketing. ...

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This is the fifth installment of the behind-the-app series, showing the making of Well Tempered version 2.0.


If you care about your instrument being in tune, and in tune being a tuning system that compliments your music, I really think you should use Well Tempered. That's why I made the decision to localize Well Tempered so that it would be native to at least 70% of people with an iPhone or iPad, and then the second language to most of the rest. I thus localized the application to English, ...

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Apple Music was released today, and just like the entire internet west of Androidia, I updated my devices so I could try it out. Here are my initial impressions. They will surely be moderated with time.

Getting started was easy. That's great. And browsing through the music catalog is very nicely designed. Unfortunately, the first tracks I browsed to were broken. Not because of something Apple did, but because the publisher didn't pay enough attention when he ripped the CD!. Long story... I know the guy... but I wish Apple would have some algorithm in store to detect these weird anomalies.

I had heared good things about "For You", so I fired it up. I like baroque music. That is what I want it to find. So I got the circles, and the closest match was Classical. Ok, double tap on that and Next. Then my only ...

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This is the fourth installment of the behind-the-app series, showing the making of Well Tempered version 2.0.

In Well Tempered 1.0 I explained how Well Tempered got to be an iPhone app. For version 2.0 I wanted to make sure I integrate with all relevant parts of the iOS ecosystem. That meant implementing it so it would work well on all iPhone sizes and on the iPads, and if it made sense, also integrating the Apple Watch.

Version ...

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