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Graph Gopher is a browser for Neo4j graph databases

Using it, you can surf from node to node via their relationships, exploring both node- and relationship-properties.

While exploring, you can edit each node or relationship, create new nodes and create new relationships.

You can run any Cypher query and use the results as a basis for further exploration or modification

Connect to your Neo4j instance via the lightning fast Bolt protocol, safely encrypted via SSL

Use Graph Gopher on multiple iPhones and iPads. Graph Gopher will seamlessly and securely synchronise all connection settings between devices. Favourite nodes are also kept synchronised, so you can easily switch between devices in your flow.
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Connect to any Neo4j instance you have access to
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Find nodes by their node labels
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Easily get an overview of the database
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Find nodes by their properties
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Run any custom Cypher query
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Find relationships by their types
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See node details
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Add relationships between nodes
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Edit node details
See relationship details
Mark nodes as favourites
Edit relationship details
Add properties to nodes
Add properties to relationships
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